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How to use bitcoin?

Bitcoin, or BTC for short. Is a cryptocurrency anonymous payment method.

In order to buy products on our website you will first have to obtain BTC equivalent in USD order total

In order to purchase your coins, you can use giftcards, bank, visa/mastercard & many other methods.

For easy purchase or exchange for bitcoin can be done at where you can exchange amazon or google giftcards for BTC equivalent. There is also any other methods to purchase BTC with PaxFull.

You can also use CashApp, to purchase bitcoin on your phone. Which you can use to complete you purchase using the QR code on the checkout page with your smart phone. visit for information on how to use cashapp to buy BTC >>

We also recommend you can purchase with Bank Transfers, Visa/Mastercard , PayPal and other easy to use merchant options. We recommend using national bank transfer in your local GEO area, for fast release of BitCoin. This may require KYC.

There is also many other ways to buy btc, there is also Bitcoin ATM’s in certain locations around the planet which allows exchanging hard currency into BTC. Using google is quick and easy.

You will also first need to get a BitCoin wallet, this can be done on your phone free and its rather easy to get started. You can also use free browser wallets such as

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